Reading #5: Media: Film, Television, New Media & Conclusion

One thing I found interesting in Richard Howells’s and Joaquim Negreiros’ book Visual Culture was their analysis of how film and camera angles evolved. Cinema goers are no longer in the position of being human spectators exclusively (as they would be when watching a play). Now, while watching a film, we can be flies on the wall or helicopters or birds or even cars in a chase scene — all while staying motionless in a seat.



2 thoughts on “Reading #5: Media: Film, Television, New Media & Conclusion

  1. I love this gif! It is a great representation of the altered perspective of changing camera angles! It seems like it could also represent a virtual reality experience as a continuation of the conversation the Visual Culture authors started.


  2. I think it was a really strong work to show something for viewers. People has a same thoughts for one phenomenon just by media control. Even they have different face, gender and from different background, but it doesn’t matter. At one same moment, they become same. That so strong work to change their heads.


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