conTEXT Project 2.2

In Project 2.1, I took the same phrase and placed it into three different contexts. Here, in Project 2.2, I have taken one context (Nature) and place three different phrases into it. The three social-cultural issues that I wanted to address were the following: technological dependency, nature and spirituality, and exploitation of natural resources.
I used the phrases “I would die without my phone,” “The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged,” and “Profit is the ignition engine of our economic system.”

Phrase One:

Connotative Meaning: I would not survive without my phone.
Denotative Meaning: An exaggeration of how important phones are to people.
Prototype: “First world” problems
Constructionist Meaning: As a culture, we understand how dependent people are on their phones. They are used for communication, navigation, and information gathering. We would have to do a lot of adapting to live without them.
Categorical Meaning: The natural background combined with the smart phone technology and the phrase about death reminds us that we are often very disconnected with nature. Our physical bodies need nature to survive while we rely technology to function within society.

Phrase Two:

Connotative Meaning: The human spirit requires the natural world as is.
Denotative Meaning: Nature, in its original state, is important for human spiritual development and therefore not having access to it is harmful.
Prototype: Nature-based spirituality
Constructionist Meaning: As a culture, we all have differing experiences with nature. Those used to living in big cities and visiting parks may not have thought there was much of a difference between visiting a planned/arranged park versus venturing outside city limits.
Categorical Meaning: The natural background, the wooden planks, and the hand-written note is meant to contrast with ideas of a manicured, groomed, and arranged city park. The grass is not mowed and the branches have been left alone where they fell.

Phrase Three:

Connotative Meaning: Profit drives our economy.
Denotative Meaning: Our economy would collapse if big businesses didn’t make a profit – even if it means sacrificing natural, beautiful spaces.
Prototype: Destruction for gain (or) necessary evil
Constructionist Meaning: As a culture, we are currently struggling to balance the ideas of maintaining capitalist freedoms while preserving natural resources.
Categorical Meaning: The fact that the message is printed out and irreverently duct taped to a tree makes us think of corporations and business not always considering the environmental impact of their profit-based decisions.


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